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In 2010, Susanne Groen starts a new casting agency: Groen Casting. New, and just that little bit different. With personal attention, an eye for detail and for love of the job. Because 15 years of experience has shown us that these are the things that truly matter when it comes to casting.

Groen Casting casts professional actors for drama series, films, commercials, theatre, musical theatre shows and internet films. Groen Casting is now one of the leading casting agencies in The Netherlands, in which a dedicated team puts heart and soul into selecting the best actors for the right part. Every single day. With each other and for one another. No fuss. We love our job. We love casting

JUNGLE: 'Gouden Kalf' for Best Actor in TV Drama


JUNGLE: 'Gouden Kalf' for Best Actor in TV Drama

12 October 2017

We could wish for a better ending of the Dutch Film Festival..At the L'OR Gold Kalves Gala, George Tobal and Majd Mardo won the Golden Calf for Best Actor(s) Television Drama last night! Congratulations! What an amazing evening!

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Famous YouTube stars in the new Videoland series

16 October 2017

Light-horror series 'DARE' October 23 at Videoland. On Monday 23 October, the new youth series 'DARE' starts at Videoland. In the horror-light series, YouTube star Justin (Jip van den Dool) together with Mitch (Yannick Josephine) has a YouTube channel called 'DARE'.   For this they perform bizarre assignments they capture on camera. From YouTube star JackO (Kaj van der Ree) they get the bizarre request to stay in an abandoned building.

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JUNGLE nominated for 2 ‘Gouden Kalveren’!

2 September 2017

JUNGLE is nominated for 2 ‘Gouden Kalveren’ at the Dutch Film Festival! For 'Best Televisiondrama and Best Actor for George Tobal and Majd Mardo! Last night it was announced that Jungle has been nominated for a Golden Calf in the category Best Television Drama! Read the wonderful jury report below.

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Weeën nominated for a ‘Gouden Kalf’!

2 September 2017

Great news! Weeën, the short film written and directed by Nils Wings was nominated last night for a Golden Calf in the Short Film category. In one month, the ceremony will be held at the Dutch Film Festival gala. From the jury report: This short film offers a very own and consistent world in design. And a tremendously witty lead player with which the jury could easily identify.

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Telefilm Ben Brand premieres in Warschau

27 September 2017

The 'Telefilm' 'Find that stupid bitch and throw her into a river' will perform her international premiere at the Warsaw Film Festival in mid-October. After the screening in Poland, the drama of director Ben Brand will be screened on a selection of festivals in, for example, Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Talinn (Estonia).

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Cast film ‘Skogafoss’ announced!

20 August 2017

We are proud to announce the cast of 'Skogafoss': Martijn Lakemeier (‘Oorlogswinter’), Gaite Jansen ('Peaky Blinders') and Anneke Blok (‘Alles is liefde’). In a week, the recordings in Iceland start with an amazing team. We can’t wait!

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Nothing to declare - Hetty de Kruijf

BIND Film - Coming soon

Jungle - Hetty de Kruijf

BIND Film - O.N.S. 2017

When you get home - Ben Brand


Weeën - Nils Vleugels


Find this dumb little bitch...- Ben Brand

Submarine Film - Telefilm 2017

Molotov Man - Joris Weerts

Afstudeerfilm HKU

Parnassus - Robin Boissevain

Rocketboy Producties - 3 LAB

Stap 8 - Rick Lenzing

In Case of Fire

Catch - Michiel Doekes


Stand by me - Martijn de Jong

ALP Media - NTR Kort!

Phantom Napalm - Patrick Louwerse

You & Mrs. Jones

97% - Ben Brand


Bounty - Finbarr Wilbrink

Unacceptable Productions & Bijker

Perlajanan de Reis - Josscy Aartsen & Dewi Reijs

Film Toko

Hoogtepunt - Joris van den Berg

Flinck Film - Green Filmmaking Competition

April 14th - Hesdy Lonwijk

Untold Stories

Kansloos - Joris van den Berg

Stetz Film - NTR Kort!

Naranjina - Harold van Eck

Blooming Film

Pardoes - Marc Willard, Vincent Schuurman




Susanne Groen

After ten years of casting for television series and 5 years of leading one of the biggest casting agencies in The Netherlands, Susanne establishes Groen Casting in 2010. What started off with a few commercials has grown into a company that provides the casting for a broad range of films, television series and commercials, in just a few years’ time. 

Lara Toorop

By chance, Lara goes into acting after finishing her dance training. As from that moment, she starts to develop an interest for casting. As an on-call employee, she works for different casting agencies. She is now permanently working for Groen Casting.

Anita Donk

After graduating from Toneelschool Arnhem, Anita has been working as an actress for several theatre companies and drama series. Since 2001 she is working as a casting director as well.

Annemarije Heijerman

In 2013, Annemarije graduates from the Universiteit van Amsterdam with a degree in film studies. After this, she does production work for several films and television series, until she eventually starts to work for Groen Casting.

Jitske Windig

Jitske studies ‘Media en Cultuur’ at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, after which she starts to work as a planner and producer for a sound studio. In this job, she specializes in voice casting, which later leads to her switch to Groen Casting.

Ara Halici

Ara graduates from the Frank Sanders Academy for musical theatre in 2001 and has been in twenty-five different musicals since then. He has won a John Kraaijkamp Musical Award twice. Besides working for Groen Casting, he is still involved with the Frank Sanders Academy.

Roos Netjes

From the age of fifteen, Roos has been in various productions and in 2013 she finishes the ArtEZ Toneelschool in Arnhem. Besides working as an actress, she is an on-call employee for Groen Casting.

Sanne Groenen

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree from Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Musical Theatre, Sanne has been in several theatre productions. Next to her work on stage, she is an on-call employee for Groen Casting.



Groen Casting only works with professional actors or with actors who have substantial acting experience; extras can therefore not sign up. It is important that you send a resume and good quality photos with your application. At least one headshot and one total body shot are required.

If you want to sign up with us, please click here for the application form.


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